First look Alex Colome


Posesses electric, above average stuff.


Has enough velocity to get away with pitches in middle of zone


Three plus pitches


I’ve stop being amazed at the kind of pitching talent the Rays bring up from the minor leagues


Deliberate on mound,  


Good poise in tight situations,  settled down well after first couple of hitters.  


I see a little bit of Pedro Martinez in his delivery and how he gets to his power position


Effortless 95-97


87-89 CH


change up has great depth, can be out pitch


tight slider with good depth and break


throws from stretch/hybrid windup to simplify movement in delivery


not afraid to use change up behind in the count


inconsistent line to home plate


his line to the plate tends to move toward the third base side and he will frequently fly open on front side early to get back on line


tendency to fly open, get off line and miss up on his arm side and get underneath his slider


does not throws inside much to LHB


appears to fight with delivery and feel at times


concerned that he doesn’t throw to his glove side consistently enough.  LHB’s could get comfortable off of him when they know he doesn’t pitch inside enough.  Also, when he gets underneath slider they tend to miss in middle up plate, up in the zone

If he can become consistent and comfortable with his delivery, he has the chance to be a 2-3 type starter for years to come.  If he can’t maintain his delivery for 100+  pitcheswith his delivery he has the stuff to be an above average late-inning reliever in the future at the big league level


Stetson Hatters- 2014 Commitments.